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A Conscious Procrastinator’s Viewing Guide

“Procrastination is spending thirty minutes looking for the right pen… it’s spending ten minutes to get the right pen to work” – Procrastination (2007)

Hit with a rather severe bout of procrastination I found myself sitting at my laptop with a brick wall between my mind and the task ahead. Triggered by the imminent deadline of a Creative Writing Essentials final assessment I completed a vast array of procrastinatory activities, even writing — and editing — a poem about procrastinating. Rather than paw at my brain trying to complete the assignment I then found another perfect reason for assignment avoidance, Googling procrastination.

A few quick searches and I found plenty of articles diagnosing symptoms, characterizing traits, statistics analysing and quantifying it. I found a Rotten Tomatoes page designated to top procrastination movie quotes selected by the community with no quotes approved yet. Earlier this year MadamWriterGal on wrote a parody of Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), Pure Procrastination with the suggestion you sing along — which I highly recommend. Then I found a post by The Chief Happiness Officer on how to effectively procrastinate. The post suggests that without guilt I should take responsibility and choose to procrastinate 100%. So in a concerted effort to procrastinate effectively I offer some pertinent recommendations for procrastination viewing.

Short Film: Amongst the plethora of YouTube videos, plenty of mediocre short films by procrastinators about procrastinating while procrastinating. Humorous animations about the reasons for procrastinating offer plenty of inspiration. Funny or Die short, the Deadly Procrastination (2013), tells the story of a Grim Reaper that has a huge amount of death work but would rather aerobercise and style his limited wardrobe on front of the mirror. The most novel is Johnny Kelly’s animated Royal College of Art graduation film, Procrastination (2007), examining the practice of putting things off illustrating the often absurd lengths one goes to avoid doing something, “Procrastination is playing imaginary computer games with your furniture”.

Feature Film: With no lack of film lists general suggesting what to watch while you procrastinate there are more apt suggestions containing the act of procrastination like the original Star Wars Trilogy follows the procrastination of Luke Skywalker and his Jedi calling or any of the versions of Hamlet dragging out his revenge. You can also postpone your assignment by watching movies about students and academics who have put off the inevitable: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) with their impending history presentation or Wonder Boys (2000) the story of an English professor who for several years has been unable to finish his second novel.

TV Show: Quite aptly there are plenty of television characters prone to procrastination. In the first episode of Black Books, Cooking the Books’ (2000), Bernard Black is so indolent regarding his taxes that he resorts to the most mundane (and humorous) of activities ultimately turning all his tax receipts into “a rather smart casual jacket”. Gob Bluth (Arrested Development) and George Costanza’s (Seinfeld) constant avoidance of any responsibility whatsoever. The Amanda Show’s superhero, The Procrastinator, responds to cries for help with a very triumphant “Eventually!” then listens to her favourite CD. In the season two episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, ‘Procrastination’ (2001), SpongeBob procrastinates so late into the night that he hallucinates his house is on fire so he can’t write more his essay for boating school.


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